Professional Diploma in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

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eight months

The Diploma in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship aims to provide the foundations for understanding sports marketing and the importance of sports Sponsorship in achieving success and growth in sports organizations. During this course, you will learn how to develop sports marketing plans and effectively use sponsorship to strengthen the brand and attract fans.

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Learn To

  • Understand how fans consume sports and sponsorships.
  • Increase your knowledge about applications of sponsorships in marketing
  • Differentiate applications of sponsorships beyond marketing
  • Ability to understand how to evaluate sponsorships
  • Incorporate marketing as a discipline within the management of sports activities.
  • Analyze, create and manage sports products and services.
  • Identify and attract brands that invest in the sports market.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to create public events with sports sponsors.

Aimed To

  • practitioners of community managers in sport, Individuals wishing to enter
    Sports business, decision makers and stakeholders in sport.



Course 1: Sport Marketing Pillars

  • Module 1: Introduction to sports marketing
  • Module 2: Sports marketing methods and tools
  • Module 3: Creating a sports marketing plan
  • Module 4: Integrated module.

Course 2: Sports Sponsorship

  • Module 1: Sports brand management
  • Module 2: Finding potential sponsors
  • Module 3: Preparing and closing a sponsorship sale
  • Module 4: Integration

Course 3: Sports Sponsorship Activation

  • Module 1: Activation of sponsorship
  • Module 2: Types of activation
  • Module 3: Key sponsorship indicators
  • Module 4: Integration

Course 4: Sports Products and Services Management

  • Module 1: Management of products and services
  • Module 2: Executing the products and services plan
  • Module 3: Products development strategy
  • Module 4: Integration


Course 5: What Fans Love and What Brands Sponsor

  • Module 1: Passion Points – The important things in life
  • Module 2: Passion Connectors – How fans consume their passions?
  • Module 3: The Different Types of Assets – Paid, Shared & Owned Assets
  • Module 4: The Non-Sponsor–Ambush Marketing


Course 6: Sponsorships Used as a Marketing Tool

  • Module 1: Buy Visibility – Brand awareness and the role of media
  • Module 2: Access to Content – Giving fans better live and virtual experiences
  • Module 3: Create Brand Love – Conquering hearts through advertising and social change
  • Module 4: Accelerate short-term results through promotions and trade activation


Course 7: The Different Use Cases for Sponsorships

  • Module 1: Winning Deals – Sponsorship creating value to customers
  • Module 2: Workforce & Community – Making employees proud and neighbors happy
  • Module 3: Governments & NGOs – Governments & NGOs – The difficult conversations about regulations, sustainability, taxation, etc.
  • Module 4: Sponsorships for Soft Power – Using sponsorships to influence the world at large


Course 8: What is a Successful Sponsorship

  • Module 1: Pre-Contract Evaluation – The estimated ROI of a sponsorship
  • Module 2: Managing Risk – The need of proper background checks
  • Module 3: Contractual Phase – Rights, obligations, morals clause and force major
  • Module 4: The After-Action Reviews – Evaluation & the difficult task to end a sponsorship

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Professional Diploma in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship
Professional Diploma in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

$1 042.25

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