Course in Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility in Sport


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The course of leadership, ethics and social responsibility in sport offers you a unique opportunity to discover the importance of sports leadership, ethics and social responsibility in the world of sport and entertainment. This course will focus on guiding you toward the philosophical values and foundations that govern social responsibility leadership.

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Learn To

  • Compare and contrast the major leadership theories and discuss the key points of each theory.
  • Given different organizational scenarios, discuss and analyze the responsibilities and privileges of leaders, including ethical and moral decisions and the right use of authority and power.
  • Analyze their own leadership style(s) and evaluate the impact of each approach to leadership on the workplace.
  • Examine the differences between a leader and a manager and analyze the perspectives that shape each role for maintaining a healthy organization.
  • Understand and articulate significant concepts relating to the study of leadership.
  • Discuss the interplay between leadership, ethics, and social responsibility, and the linkages between various leadership models and the concept of moral leadership.
  • Understand and articulate how prioritizing the “common good” can be personally and professionally optimized for social and market impact.

Aimed To

  • Managers of organizations linked to the world of sport (clubs, federations, companies that offer sports products and/or services).
  • Professionals working in the business and/or sports field, who wish to make a qualitative leap in their careers by acquiring specialized knowledge.
  • Professionals in general, interested in this subject.


Course 1: Leadership, ethics and social responsibility

  • Module 1: The Philosophical Foundations of Socially Responsible Leadership
  • Module 2: Employees as Co-Entrepreneurs
  • Module 3: Ethical Issues in a 21st Century Global Business Economy
  • Module 4: The Role of the Sports and Entertainment Industry as a Force for Social Good

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Course in Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility in Sport
Course in Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility in Sport
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