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Champions Global provides creative and innovative sports solutions to athletes in the Middle East and North Africa region. Including online training programs, sports technology, sports event management, sports research and consulting. Get support and guidance to achieve your sporting achievements and develop your skills with Champions Global.
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We are proud to collaborate with Barcelona Innovation Center and Metrica Sports, They are our main partners in the sports and innovation sector.

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Barça Innovation Hub - Universitas

Explore online training programs from the Barcelona Innovation Center - Universitas, Learn modern skills and concepts in the sports industry. Online training programs ensure a unique learning experience with subject matter expert support. and comprehensive educational content that can be accessed around the clock. These programs provide sports professionals with the opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their employment opportunities. Register now and start your journey to obtain a certificate from the Barcelona Innovation Center - Universitas.
اللغة: English
المدة: month
المستوى: Introductory
اللغة: English
المدة: three months
المستوى: Advanced
اللغة: English
المدة: nine months
المستوى: Advanced
اللغة: English
المدة: four months
المستوى: Introductory

Students' opinions on the courses of the Barcelona Innovation Center - Universitas

Opinions of former students who have registered for the courses of the Barcelona Innovation Center - Universitas, They share their experiences, observations and opinions about the quality of training courses and their effectiveness in enhancing their skills and knowledge in the sports industry.

I was confused at first, but after I took the course, it became clear to me that it was the right choice. The content and activities were excellent and gave me an opportunity to learn new skills and improve my level in the field

Nawal Muhammad
Women's Soccer Business Course

The course was comprehensive and in-depth in the theories underlying the new training paradigms and how to implement them effectively.

Ahmed Saleh
Barcelona course for trainers

I had a lot of fun in the course and learned how to use different analysis tools properly, And also, you learned how to collect data in an accurate way.

Abdullah Al Zoghbi
Football tactical analysis course
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