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* Available for Mac and Windows

A complete solution from game coding to player engagement

Spend more time analyzing games and less time editing video

Add visual effects to your videos in just a few clicks

Communicate with your players effectively.

automatic simple. fast.
Analyze your video in one place

The program takes a few seconds to encode the video. Create a playlist, add clips to it, and add visual effects. Save time and good communication with players and staff.


Divide everything that happens in the game into short videos.

1 Coding
I use customizable markup tools to create or import event summaries.
Generate XML files during or after the game with our coding system


Visualization tools made simple.

Add visuals in seconds during live events or pre-program them to play video with our proprietary AI technology.
2 Visuals
It includes text boxes, lines, arrows, shapes, slides, and the ability to move players.

the offer.

Communicate with your players effectively.

Good interaction with the coaching staff and sent strong messages to the players.
3 Presentation
Use touch control for live presentations or export clips as video files with custom visual effects/special effects.

Support all teams to raise the level of performance

Any team in the world can use the same solution regardless of budget, so we created PLAY, an AI-powered tool that allows anyone to improve team performance using the same tools as the biggest and best clubs in the world.

All sports

Our basic plan is suitable for all types of sports.More

Follow up

automatic data


Unleash the power of tactical analysis with less effort and less budget

Unleash the power of tactical analysis with less effort and less budget

Expand your gaming capabilities with Automatic Tracking Data (ATD) generation using the cloud’s AI-powered engine. No matter what game plan you have, even the free one, you can now get your minutes package from the cloud engine to enrich your presentations with the tools and visuals that were available until now. Now only for professional teams and media

Available data

to get it

Get the ball and the coordinates of the players separately from the team. Use it for your own analysis. Develop custom algorithms for automatic clip detection, categorization, and visual effects in PLAY.



We provide the most accurate location data on the market. Our technologies can obtain data from any type of video (broadcast, scout broadcast, tactical camera, drones,…..etc).



Control spaces and stadiums in any video. And imagine the pressure of the team, a two-dimensional playing field with a straight formation, packing scales and more.



Use this tracking data to speed up your visuals along the entire length of your video and add any kind of dynamic graphics in seconds with the press of a button.

Live composition on a two-dimensional playing field

(separating the team and merging the ball)

Adjustable pitch control

Store video and data online

customer reviews

“Metrica Sport is the only solution that gives quality in terms of video and software to create visual effects”

Ravi Ramenini
VP Soccer Analytics and Research - Seattle Sounders FC

“PLAY has had a huge impact on my development as a coach. It helped me to analyze our game efficiently and objectively, With the ability to demonstrate and present this in an attractive manner to the team. "

Erwin Van Benekum
Head Women's Soccer Coach - Indiana University

"Metrica Sport helps improve match and training performance with high-quality visual effects and live coding features."

Osman Cal
Analysis Coach - Fatih Karagümrük

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* Available for Mac and Windows

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