Financial sustainability in sports

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The financial sustainability course in sport is a training course aimed at demonstrating the importance of financial sustainability in sport and how to achieve sustainable funding for sports clubs and institutions. A range of important topics will be covered in the course, From understanding funding streams in sport and the modern system of central finance and government support, In order to achieve sustainable financial investment strategies and financial innovation for the masses and society in sport.

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Learn To

  • Understand the financial landscape in sport
  • Evaluate, critically, the opportunities and challenges for financial sustainability in sport
  • Identify innovative ways in achieving financial sustainability in sports
  • Skill of strategic and critical thinking in examining financial sustainability debates

Aimed To

  • Professionals working or aiming to work within sports clubs, sports governing bodies, and commercial agencies



Course 1: Funding streams and solidarity mechanisms

  • Module 1: Funding streams in sport
  • Module 2: Modern system of central funding and government support in sport
  • Module 3: Financial mismanagement – Debt in sport
  • Module 4: Solidarity mechanisms and policy implementation

Course 2: Sustainable financial investment strategies

  • Module 1: Financial sustainability strategies and values
  • Module 2: Challenges in financial sustainability in sport
  • Module 3: Budgeting and decision making in sport
  • Module 4: Investment appraisal in sport

Course 3: Innovative financial approaches

  • Module 1: Fan and community finance innovation in sport
  • Module 2: Economies of scale – group ownership in sport
  • Module 3: Loans, bonds and shares in sport
  • Module 4: Innovative monetisation strategies in sport

Course 4: Dilemma between ethics and profit

  • Module 1: Sport as a social Good – sustainable sport for development
  • Module 2: Ethical dilemmas in sports funding
  • Module 3: Soft power and financial sustainability
  • Module 4: Image laundering and sport washing

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Financial sustainability in sports
Financial sustainability in sports

$2 772.04

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