Professional diploma in Sports communication and fan Engagement

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The diploma of communication and fan Engagement offers you a deep understanding of the role of communication and media in sports organizations, and how to cooperate with journalists and build effective messages for traditional and digital media. During this diploma, you will learn how to create a communication strategy that aims to maximize impact and attract more fans and audiences.

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Learn To

  • Master central aspects of an external communication strategy.
  • Improve the public relations function in sports organizations, identify potential public relations threats and identify appropriate crisis response strategies to be executed via traditional and social media to rectify these issues.
  • Create a digital marketing plan.
  • Build a brand online.
  • Create a communications and content plan.
  • Develop a detailed understanding of Fan Engagement: its definition, history, principles, practices & rationale.
  • Understand the nature of fans and fandom so as to put fans at the center of club, league, and/or national association activity.
  • Create a Fan Engagement strategy & design the optimum fan experience including all relevant ‘touch points’ and for all key fan segments.
  • Create a culture of engagement at an association, league, or club (Fan Engagement Leadership).


  • Course 1: Communication Issues in Sports Organizations

  1. Module 1: Describe the Role of Communication in Sports Organizations
  2. Module 2: The History of Media in Sports Communication and Collaborating with Journalists
  3. Module 3: Constructing Messages for Traditional and Digital Media
  4. Module 4: Create a Communication Strategy to Maximize Impact

  • Course 2: Public Relations in Sports Organizations.

  1. Module 1: The Foundation of Sports Public Relations.
  2. Module 2: The Changing Landscape of Sports Public Relations: From a Sports-Information Model to an Active Communication Model.
  3. Module 3: Sports Public Relations and Crisis Communication.
  4. Module 4: Sports Public Relations and Social and Digital Media

  • Course 3: Online Strategy, Branding and Communications

  1. Module 1: Trends, research and digital audit.
  2. Module 2: Digital marketing strategy and online branding
  3. Module 3: Communications
  4. Module 4: Content plan and crisis management

  • Course 4: Revenue Generation and Fan Engagement

  1. Module 1: Data and resources.
  2. Module 2: Sources of digital revenue.
  3. Module 3: Fan engagement and eSports
  4. Module 4: Fantasy gaming and Growing Attendance Model (GAM)

  • Course 5: Why Fan Engagement? Definition, Principles & Rationale

  1. Module 1: The Origins of Fan Engagement.
  2. Module 2: Defining the Fan.
  3. Module 3: The Rationale for Fan Engagement.
  4. Module 4: Building a Fan Engagement Strategy.

  • Course 6: Delivering Fan Engagement

  1. Module 1: Club Identity: ‘Same song, different lyrics?’
  2. Module 2: Understanding & Engaging with your Fan Base
  3. Module 3: Delivering Value in the Fan Experience
  4. Module 4: People & Culture.

  • Course 7: What Is a Fan? Understanding the Nature of Fandom

  1. Module 1: Fan v Customer: A love based on friction, emotion and irrationality
  2. Module 2: Understanding Fan Behaviour
  3. Module 3: Fan Consultation & Structured Dialogue.
  4. Module 4: Growing Engagement (Data and Measures).

  • Course 8: Leadership: Creating & Sustaining a Culture of Engagement

  1. Module 1: An introduction to Fan Engagement Leadership.
  2. Module 2: A Model for Engagement
  3. Module 3: Community Engagement.
  4. Module 4: Embedding Fan Engagement

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Professional diploma in Sports communication and fan Engagement
Professional diploma in Sports communication and fan Engagement

$1 042.25

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