Sports Entrepreneurship Program: turning ideas into business

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six months

Sports Entrepreneurship Program: Turning Ideas into business is a course aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to develop successful pilot projects in the sports industry. This course will focus on elements of leadership and sustainable strategies for success in this growing area.

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Learn To

  • Validating the problem or need to address.
  • Discovering early adopters of the product or service.
  • Finding the fit between the product and the market.
  • Validating the solution through the development of a minimum viable product.
  • Building multiple versions of the business model through empirical iterations.
  • Designing customer development strategies.

Aimed To

  • Entrepreneurs in the sports industry, with projects in seed stage or early stage.
  • People with ideas or developing ideas, concerned about this topic.


Course 1: Vision / Team / Roles

  • Module 1: The entrepreneurial activity
  • Module 2: Definition of the vision
  • Module 3: The work team
  • Module 4: Agile methodologies

Course 2: Value Proposition

  • Module 1: The value proposition: Problem-solution fit.
  • Module 2: The customer segment
  • Module 3: Customer development
  • Module 4: Empathising with the customer.

Course 3: Validation of the Value Proposition

  • Module 1: The Value Proposition and the problem-solution fit
  • Module 2: Validation tests and experiments
  • Module 3: Minimum viable product
  • Module 4: Market size and types

Course 4: Business Model.

  • Module 1: Introduction to business model
  • Module 2: Infrastructure
  • Module 3: Costs Structure
  • Module 4: Monetization models

Course 5: Product-Market Fit

  • Module 1: Business Model Patterns
  • Module 2: Key growth metrics
  • Module 3: Cohorts
  • Module 4: Product-Market fit measurement

Course 6: Exponential Growth

  • Module 1: Sales strategy development
  • Module 2: Funding sources
  • Module 3: Entrepreneurship presentation
  • Module 4: Exponential organizations

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Sports Entrepreneurship Program: turning ideas into business
Sports Entrepreneurship Program: turning ideas into business

$1 084.20

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