Sports Entrepreneurship Program: turning ideas into business

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Have you got a specific idea to improve the sports industry?
Have you detected any problem, need or frustration you would like to address?
Do you want to be the lead of the disruptive changes in the sports world?

BIHUB’s Sports Entrepreneurship Program is the first global and online entrepreneurship program, developed by experts in the sports industry. This program is aimed at providing guidance, support and tools that seed or early-stage entrepreneurs need in order to develop their business ideas successfully in the sports industry. It is about an introduction program that reviews the basics on innovation and entrepreneurship. It is specifically developed to provide you with the knowledge and the required skills to:
– identify an opportunity
– design a solution through a creative and distinctive value approach
– create and validate the business model
– prepare your validation with users
– identify and pursue development opportunities

By getting a comprehensive education, you will acquire specific tools to increase the chance of success of your projects, validating the proposal with the sports area market and adapting it to its needs.




Delivery mode
6 months
Average dedication
6/8 weekly hours
Delivered in
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Learn to

Validating the problem or need to address.
Discovering early adopters of the product or service.
Finding the fit between the product and the market.
Validating the solution through the development of a Minimum Viable Product.
Building multiple versions of the business model through empirical iterations.
Designing customer development strategies.

Experts Advisors:

Course Syllabus

Vision / Team / Roles

Module 1: The entrepreneurial activity Module 2: Definition of the vision Module 3: The work team Module 4: Agile methodologies

Value Proposition

Module 1: The value proposition: Problem – solution fit Module 2: The customer segment Module 3: Customer development Module 4: Empathising with the customer

Validation of the Value Proposition

Module 1: The value proposition and the problem - solution fit Module 2: Validation tests and experiments Module 3: Minimum Viable Product Module 4: Market sizes and types

Business Model

Module 1: Introduction to business model Module 2: Infrastructure Module 3: Costs structure Module 4: Monetization models

Product - Market Fit

Module 1: Business model patterns Module 2: Key growth metrics Module 3: Cohorts Module 4: Product - Market Fit measurement

Exponential Growth

Module 1: Sales strategy development Module 2: Funding sources Module 3: Entrepreneurship presentation Module 4: Exponential organizations

What Does It Include?

24-hour access to study material, from anywhere, on any device
Accompaniment, monitoring and virtual support from an expert in the field
Activities and assessments with personalized feedback
Discussion forums and interaction with colleagues from all over the world
Certificate issued by Barça Innovation Hub and endorsed by the corresponding institution.
Self-assessment to measure your learning progress
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