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The Sport and Sustainability Course is a course aimed at demonstrating the importance of sustainability in sport and teaching participants how to develop and implement sustainability programmes based on international standards and frameworks. This course will provide basic foundations for sustainability in sports and how to measure and report impact.

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Learn To

  • Knowledge of the concept and key elements of sustainability
  • Capability to relate sustainability to the organisation’s corporate strategy
  • Understanding the operational aspects of sustainability programmes
  • Capacity to drive impact measurement within an organisation
  • Equipped to effectively communicate about sport and sustainability.

Aimed To

  • Sport athletes and professionals with a desire to become sustainability champions;
  • Working professionals with the ambition to develop a career in sport and sustainability;
  • Managers of sports institutions or events who seek to optimise the social, environmental and economic impact of their events;
  • Sponsors who want to learn about the competitive advantage of a sustainable sport event;


Course 1: Sustainable strategy in sport

  • Module 1: The foundations of sustainability in sport
  • Module 2: How to develop a sustainability programme based upon international standards and frameworks.
  • Module 3: Measuring and reporting on impact
  • Module 4: Sponsorship opportunities through sustainability

Course 2: Managing and Financing a Sustainability Programme

  • Module 1: Define your vision and engage stakeholders
  • Module 2: Creating a plan to finance and implement your sustainability programme
  • Module 3: Engaging fans and athletes in sustainability
  • Module 4: Communicating about sustainability

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Sport & Sustainability Course
Sport & Sustainability Course
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