Professional Diploma Football Coach

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10 months

The Football Coach Diploma is an advanced diploma aimed at enhancing the skills of coaches and those interested in coaching the game of football. This diploma addresses the main themes of the game in Barcelona, From the science behind football in this ancient city, Highlight the included elements and key concepts of the game.

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Learn To

  • Identify the parameters and tactical elements of the start phase of the game, in order to select, organize, and transmit the most important information effectively; also through the use of technological tools.
  • Apply the most relevant theoretical and practical content for the analysis of the high-press phase in football, which will allow you to identify and recognize the different high-press situations, as well as to set tasks for their training.
  • Incorporate the fundamentals that underpin FCB’s playing philosophy.
  • As coaches, become self-aware of the information we have in our practice and competition environment, in order to optimize our pedagogical exchange.

Aimed To

  • performance analysts,
  • This programme is aimed at performance analysts, and anyone involved in tasks or activities that require an understanding of the game of football in order to make decisions (such as sports journalists, agents, etc.).


  • Course 1: The basics of our style of play

  1. Module 1: The science behind Barça Football
  2. Module 2: The elements involved
  3. Module 3: The defining concepts of Barça Football
  4. Module 4: The game as a process

  • Course 2: What to train

  1. Module 1: Optimising training
  2. Module 2: Cognitive elements of the player
  3. Module 3: Group elements of the team
  4. Module 4: The phases of play

  • Course 3: How to train it

  1. Module 1: Train-optimize
  2. Module 2: The training session
  3. Module 3: Training specific to Barça Football I
  4. Module 4: Training specific to Barça Football II

  • Course 4: Pedagogical Exchange with the Player: The Role of the Coach-Trainer in the Learning Process

  1. Module 1: Thinking and Methodological Context Where do we come from and where are we going? Understand what is the ultimate goal of the methodology and how to integrate all the existing elements in the learning context.
  2. Module 2: The Coach’s Learning Why do the coaches see what they see? Understand how their behaviors emerge and how to get in tune with the team’s context.
  3. Module 3: Coach-Player Interaction How to optimise the exchange of information and have a greater impact on the learning process? Understand the environmental conditions through which the player’s naturalized behaviors are facilitated and generated.
  4. Module 4: Pedagogical Exchange with the Player. Learning Strategies and Atmosphere

  • Course 5: Pedagogical exchange with the player: video feedback in the continuum of motor practice

  1. Module 1: Observational learning how to give feedback? Understand what differential aspects are added in the coach’s work when combining visual feedback with physical practice.
  2. Module 2: Training practices. Where to give the feedback? Pay attention as a coach to the resulting effect on the player of the relationship between the practice context and the intervention style.
  3. Module 3: Exchange with the player through observational learning. Anticipate and concrete multimodal extrinsic information to enhance the motor learning process.
  4. Module 4: The visual feedback on video. Why give video-feedback? Alter the viewing speed to specify the interaction.

  • Course 6: Pedagogical exchange with the player: the design of the Preferential Simulation Situations (PSS) in relation to the preference of didactic content

  1. Module 1: Coordinative Preference PSSs
  2. Module 2: Cognitive Preference PSSs
  3. Module 3: Contextual Preference PSSs
  4. Module 4: Cross-sectional parameters: introduction to variability and oriented or exploratory planning.

  • Course 7: Analysis of the start phase of the game

  1. Module 1: Definition and evolution of the start phase and understanding of the general analysis criteria
  2. Module 2: Study of the structural elements of the start phase
  3. Module 3: Study of the dynamic elements of the start phase
  4. Module 4: Statistical analysis, selection and presentation of information

  • Course 8: Set piece analysis

  1. Module 1: The importance of SPs and introduction to their analysis
  2. Module 2: Defensive SPs Analysis
  3. Module 3: Offensive SPs Analysis
  4. Module 4: Methodological trends in SP training

  • Course 9: High-press in football

  1. Module 1: High-press in the defensive phase. Theoretical framework
  2. Module 2: Most common defensive structures in high-press in football
  3. Module 3: High-press training methodology in football
  4. Module 4: Data for a good interpretation in the analysis of high-press in football

  • Course 10: Observation methodology in formative football

  1. Module 1: Introduction to video observation
  2. Module 2: Observation in a training session
  3. Module 3: Observation in competition games
  4. Module 4: Individual observation of the player

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Professional Diploma Football Coach
Professional Diploma Football Coach

$1 302.82

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