Specialized Program in Workload Management


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five months

The Workload Management Course is a comprehensive course aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to improve their athletic performance and effectively manage training processes. This course will address various topics, including monitoring and analysis of training loads, and selecting the variables needed to achieve training objectives, and evaluation of training load management.

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Learn To

  • Manage the different tools and variables for monitoring training.
  • Select the appropriate variables depending on the different objectives for training and competition load control.
  • Use data generated by load control to evaluate and manage the process.
  • Detect and appropriately utilize the most relevant training load indicators.
  • Analyze workload monitoring data to orientate the training process towards preventing injuries and consequently successfully optimize sports performance.

Aimed To:

  • Strength and Conditioning coaches
  • Physiotherapists
  • Return-to-Play coaches



Course 1: Tools and Variables for Monitoring Training Loads

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Monitoring of Training Loads.
  • Module 2: The Planning, Intervention, and Evaluation Cycle in the Training Process.
  • Module 3: Internal Load Monitoring Tools and Their Variables.
  • Module 4: External Load Monitoring Tools and Their Variables.

Course 2: Selecting Variables: Are we repeating information or providing additional information?

  • Module 1: Relationship between internal load variables, and between external load variables.
  • Module 2: Relationship between external load variables.
  • Module 3: Integrating measurements. Efficiency index.
  • Module 4: Selecting variables.

Course 3: Assessing Training and Training Load Management

  • Module 1: Analysis of the training task.
  • Module 2: Analysis of the training session.
  • Module 3: Analysis of the training microcycle
  • Module 4: Analysis of the training mesocycle and of broad temporary training phases

Course 4: Indicators for Training Load Management

  • Module 1: Weekly changes.
  • Module 2: Acute chronic load ratio: concept and calculation method.
  • Module 3: Acute chronic load ratio: application and limitations.
  • Module 4: Training load moderators and mediators.

Course 5: Training Programs and Physiological Profile in Team Sports

  • Module 1: Periodization, Planning, and methodologies. theories and new paradigms
  • Module 2: Sports season
  • Module 3: Characterization of team sports with a focus on soccer. analysis of physical demand
  • Module 4: Integrative Reading

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Specialized Program in Workload Management
Specialized Program in Workload Management
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