Lower limb tendinopathy in sport Course


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two months

The lower limb tendinopathy Course in sport shows you the knowledge and skills needed to understand the anatomy, function and adaptation of tendons in the body. This course will discuss the important basics of tendons and how to deal with related injuries.

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Learn To

  • Describe normal tendon and the changes that occur with pathology.
  • Understand and explain what is known about nociception and pain in tendons.
  • Describe the function of lower limb tendons.
  • Understand the role of imaging in tendon pain.
  • Conduct a through subjective examination.
  • Increase confidence in differential diagnosis or consider a treatment path following objective assessment.
  • Provide evidence-based rehabilitation for lowe limb tendons.
  • Adapt management for the in-season athlete

Aimed To

Professionals who carry out a process of prevention or rehabilitation of injuries:

  • Traumatologists.
  • Team doctors.
  • Physiotherapists
  • Physical trainers.



Course 1: Understanding tendon anatomy, function and adaptation.

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of tendon
  • Module 2: Pain and pathology, implications and clinicians.
  • Module 3: Theory of subjective assessment.
  • Module 4: Imaging and other referrals in subjective assessing.

Course 2: Assessing and rehabilitation lower limb tendons.

  • Module 1: Introduction to objective assessment and specific tendons.
  • Module 2: Objective assessment for lower limb tendons continued.
  • Module 3: Rehabilitation Background.
  • Module 4: Rehabilitation completion.

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Lower limb tendinopathy in sport Course
Lower limb tendinopathy in sport Course
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