Professional Diploma in Health and Performance in Sport

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10 months

The Diploma in Health and Performance in Sport is a comprehensive training diploma focused on studying pathology and how to deal with injuries and illnesses in team sports. In this diploma you will learn many specialized subjects such as medical disease management, injury prevention, Advanced sports nutrition, and psychological intervention techniques.

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Learn To

  • Get to know the fundamental characteristics for both prevention strategies and injury rehabilitation, as well as the different injury mechanisms in team sports
  • Improve sports performance and injury prevention through a deepened understanding of the methodology to use in strength training and muscle power programs.
  • Apply the appropriate methodology to the design of the post-injury rehabilitation process in situations where strength development plays a significant role
  • To learn to understand force plate assessment results in order to use the data in training or rehabilitation processes management.

Aimed To

  • professionals and students in the fields of health and physical exercise, and the exercise sciences


  • Course 1: Team sports pathology

  1. Module 1: Management of medical pathology 1
  2. Module 2: Management of medical pathology 2
  3. Module 3: Sports Specific pathologies
  4. Module 4: Special sports and competitions

  • Course 2: Injuries and team sports

  1. Module 1: Prevention of and readaptation from injuries
  2. Module 2: Muscle injury and tendinitis management
  3. Module 3: Management of joint and bone injury
  4. Module 4: Decision making and returning to competition

  • Course 3: Injury prevention

  1. Module 1: Basic Concepts In Epidemiology and Injury Prevention
  2. Module 2: Muscle Injury Prevention
  3. Module 3: Prevention of Joint Injuries
  4. Module 4: Integrative Reading

  • Course 4: Neuromuscular basis for strength training

  1. Module 1: Characteristics of the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Module 2: Muscle action and its relationship to sports
  3. Module 3: Systemic changes in detraining and immobilization
  4. Module 4: Assessment of muscular properties in relation to sport

  • Course 5: Strength and muscle power as a key feature of rehabilitation from sports injuries.

  1. Module 1: Analysis of injury in sports: injury mechanisms and associated risk factors.
  2. Module 2: Sports injuries and their relationship with the quality of strength.
  3. Module 3: Strength manifestations and muscle power in the post-injury rehabilitation process.
  4. Module 4: New paradigms in strength training: muscle building through vascular occlusion.

  • Course 6: Force assessment and an introduction to kinematics

  1. Module 1: Force platform testing fundamentals
  2. Module 2: CMJ understanding variables and phases
  3. Module 3: Kinematics introduction
  4. Module 4: Upper Limb Assessment

  • Course 7: Injury and rehabilitation kinetics and kinematics

  1. Module 1: Kinetics in ACL injury risk and rehabilitation (Isokinetics)
  2. Module 2: Kinetics in ACL injury and rehabilitation (Jump-land testing)
  3. Module 3: Kinematics in ACL injury risk and rehabilitation
  4. Module 4: Kinetics & kinematics in lower limb muscle and tendon injury and rehabilitation-patella and Achilles tendon, groin, hamstring

  • Course 8: Performance, injury, and rehabilitation assessment toolbox

  1. Module 1: Additional lower limb dynamic tests (squat jump, drop jump, squat, land & hold).
  2. Module 2: Lower Limb Isometric Tests
  3. Module 3: A framework and toolbox for kinetics and kinematics in rehabilitation and Return to Sport
  4. Module 4: A framework and toolbox for short term load-response monitoring and evaluating chronic adaptations

  • Course 9: Advanced Sports Nutrition

  1. Module 1: The history and future of sports nutrition
  2. Module 2: What it takes to be effective in sports nutrition
  3. Module 3: Supplements versus foods
  4. Module 4: Immune system

  • Course 10: Psychological Intervention Techniques

  1. Module 1: Psychological needs
  2. Module 2: Activation-relaxation and Visualization Techniques
  3. Module 3: Thought control, routines, self-talk, biofeedback
  4. Module 4: Assessment techniques in sports psychology

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Professional Diploma in Health and Performance in Sport
Professional Diploma in Health and Performance in Sport

$1 302.82

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