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A workspace containing all of the game's video projects and training sessions, Plus clips and playlists.
Coding after the game
Code the different events that happen in a game or practice just after the final whistle.
direct coding
Code the different events that happen in a live game or training
XML import
Import your own XML event feeds.
Code table
Import your own XML event feeds.
Import your own XML event feeds.
visual elements
Add dynamic visualizations to your clips.
30 annot. الأعلى 150 annot. p/mo
Video export
Export clips as video files. Add related graphics and information and quickly export your playlist to view anywhere.
Video with many shooting angles
Synchronize different videos to find the same moment in different camera views.
Player tracking (Keyframing)
Track players manually using the keyframing tool. This will allow you to add player visualizations.
Manual pitch tracking
Manually calibrate the field to be able to add visualizations such as speed and distances.
Automatic tracking of players
Track players automatically with a click of a button instantly in Play.
Automatic tracking of players
Detect the field automatically to be able to add visuals such as speed, distances...
Automatic data tracking

Process videos into Cloud for automatic player, field and clip detection.

On demand
Training staff participation
Create and share your own playlists with the entire coaching staff. Create collaborative presentations or send them directly to the trainer for review.
Team databases
Manage permissions so that specific users can access specific games. Perfect for multi team organizations.
Data integration
Import tracking data from other service providers.
customized services
Personal insights about your team.
REST API cloud engine
Automate cloud-based data and data processing workflows.

educational plan

We offer customized plans targeting educational institutions and academics, Adapt to the structure of your courses.

common questions

No. Each Play license you acquire will be limited to one computer only. So If you get 3 licenses for your team. You can use Play on 3 computers.

For paid plans, You can access Cloud from any computer as it acts as an online video management platform. You will be able to upload/download videos from any computer.

Minimum requirements:

2.5GHz dual core Intel Core i5 processor

4GB DDR3 1600MHz

5400rpm hard drive

Intel HD Graphics 4000

Windows 7 64 bit

Windows 8 64-bit

Windows 10 64-bit

OSX 10.11

Recommended requirements:

2.5GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

16GB 1600MHz memory

256 GB SSD flash storage

AMD Radeon R9 M370X or NVIDIA GT 750M

OSX 12

Windows 10 64-bit

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* Available for Mac OS and Windows

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