Professional Diploma in Neurobiology and Psychology in Team Sports

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It is well known that the brain and the central nervous system as a whole are of fundamental importance in human movement, and therefore in sports performance. Every decision and every execution on the field has its genesis in the central nervous system, which is also related to emotional and intellectual aspects. As professionals who interact with athletes, we must be able to understand an athlete’s holistic development, including the biophysical and psychosocial domains, and we must be able to apply this knowledge to training. In this program, we provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to develop athletes with greater motor awareness and better decision-making abilities. In order to do this, we cover all the aspects that involve movement, from perceiving stimulus to processing information to finally making a decision and executing it. Without a doubt, this structured development of this subject matter will constitute a milestone in our pursuit of such an ambitious goal




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Determine how the central nervous system influences human movement and how we can shape the ability to make decisions for movement.
Develop or strengthen skills to acquire tools that allow better coaching of high-level athletes with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest performance in all areas.
Work in teams and generate communication channels within multidisciplinary teams.
Implement intervention strategies to train high-performance athletes in attention, concentration, and motivation, as well as the management of variables to control anxiety and stress.

Experts Advisors:

Francesc Cos

Lic. Mario Di Santo

Joaquín Valdés

Ana Merayo García

Daniel Romero Rodriguez

Course Syllabus

Efferent Organization of Human Movement

Module 1: Motor Cortex and Cortical Spinal Tract Module 2: Role of the Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia Module 3: Feedback and Motor Adjustment Module 4: Integrative Reading

Difficulty and Environment in Human Motor Function

Module 1: Motor Faults Module 2: Special Teaching Methods for Correcting Faults Module 3: Transference and Interference Module 4: Integrative Reading

Afferent Organization of Human Movement

Module 1: Sensory Systems Module 2: Motor Perception and Observation Module 3: Ideomotor Representation Module 4: Integrative Reading

Central Processing of Voluntary Movement

Module 1: The Logic of Motor Functions and Decision-Making Module 2: Decision Training Module 3: Neuromotor Programming Module 4: Integrative Reading

Neuromuscular Basis for Strength Training

Module 1: Characteristics of the Musculoskeletal System Module 2: Muscle Action and its Relationship to Sports Module 3: Systemic Changes in Detraining and Immobilization Module 4: Assessment of Muscular Properties in Relation to Sport

Psychological Variables and Sports Performance

Module 1: Attention and Concentration Module 2: Motivation Module 3: Anxiety and Stress Module 4: Self-Confidence

Psychological Intervention Techniques

Module 1: Psychological Intervention Plan Module 2: Psychological Intervention Techniques Adapted to Coaches Module 3: Psychological Intervention Techniques 1 Module 4: Psychological Intervention Techniques 2

Contextualizing the Elite Athlete Environment

Module 1: The Sports Environment Module 2: The Family Environment Module 3: Importance of Communication in the Sports Environment Module 4: Training and Competition

The Life of an Elite Athlete

Module 1: Systemic Model Module 2: Sports Career Model I and II Module 3: Dual Career Module 4: Examples of Intervention in Different Transition Stages of an Athlete's Life

Mental Strength in Athletes

Module 1: Mental Strength in Individual Athletes Module 2: Mental Strength in Sports Teams Module 3: Emotional Regulation in Sports Coaches Module 4: Integrated Module

What Does It Include?

24-hour access to study material, from anywhere, on any device
Accompaniment, monitoring and virtual support from an expert in the field
Activities and assessments with personalized feedback
Discussion forums and interaction with colleagues from all over the world
Certificate issued by Barça Innovation Hub and endorsed by the corresponding institution.
Self-assessment to measure your learning progress
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