Certificate in Wealth Management in Sport

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The international sport industry is widely recognized as one of the fastest growing industries world-wide achieving significant financial growth even during difficult financial times. Indeed, even in countries in which the overall economy has shown signs of slowing down in its development due to ferocious market dynamics, the sport industry has managed to achieve an unaffected, steady and at times impressively fast financial growth.

As a result, the global sport industry has attracted substantial wealth through private and state investors who view it as a wealth enhancement and development opportunity. This in turn has further increased the existing wealth within the industry as well as the wealth offered to the professional athletes, stressing the need and potential for appropriate and carefully planned wealth management in sport.

In this certificate we offer a broad and thorough examination of wealth management in sport, by focusing on all areas of wealth planning, wealth preservation and wealth enhancement in the industry. We also explore the wider soft power opportunities and risks associated with wealth management in sport, to offer a well-rounded view of this ever relevant and developing field




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Understand the wealth management landscape and potential in the sports ecosystem.
Critically evaluate wealth management planning and preservation in sport.
Identify creative opportunities for wealth enhancement in sport.
Strategically manage soft power opportunities and risks in sport.

Experts Advisors:

Dr. Argyro Elisavet Manoli

Course Syllabus

Wealth Planning in Sport

Module 1: Financial personality and behavior – Different money styles in sport Module 2: Wealth and investment planning – Investment strategies in sport Module 3: Investment principles – Understanding risks and return in sport Module 4: Investment building blocks – The components of wealth management

Wealth Preservation in Sport

Module 1: Investment management style – Active or passive management in sport Module 2: Impact investing in sport – Socially responsible investment in sport Module 3: Investing in property and land – Land investment in sport Module 4: Investment considerations – Wealth preservation decisions in sport

Wealth Enhancement in Sport

Module 1: Bespoke investments in sport – Utilizing the uniqueness of sport Module 2: Taxation in wealth – Minimizing taxation costs in sport Module 3: Trusts in sport – Adding value to sport Module 4: Philanthropy in sport – Wealth transfer in and through sport

Managing Soft Power Opportunities and Risks in Sport

Module 1: Sport and Politics driving wealth management in sport Module 2: Mapping political risk in wealth management Module 3: Mitigating political risk in wealth management Module 4: Harnessing political opportunities in wealth management

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Accompaniment, monitoring and virtual support from an expert in the field
Activities and assessments with personalized feedback
Discussion forums and interaction with colleagues from all over the world
Certificate issued by Barça Innovation Hub and endorsed by the corresponding institution.
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