Certificate in Psychology for High Performance Sports

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In recent decades, different sports disciplines have undergone great advances at the educational level in relation to various aspects of sports performance, such as technique, tactics, strategy, nutrition, and physical education. However, despite being present in the discourse within sports communities, psychological training does not yet possess a formal place within the coaching staffs at professional clubs, associations, federations, national teams or training schools. In an era where elite-level athletes display near-identical performance levels, who ends up gaining the advantage? Teams or individual athletes that possess optimal levels of mental strength. In this Certificate, we propose working with athletes from a cognitive-behavioral perspective, the overarching psychological theory on which we will rely. We work with Sports Psychology authors that utilize elements of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology in order to modify athlete behavior by revising the way they think and regulate their emotions.




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Learn to

Identify the central concepts related to the direction of individuals and teams in order to apply them to the daily management of businesses and organizations.
Employ psycho-sports tools for performance management.
Get to know the preparatory phases for training and competition from the psychological perspective.
Manage diversity.
Understand and manage the impact of technology in the realm of sports.

Experts Advisors:

Joaquín Valdés

Course Syllabus

High Performance Leadership

Module 1: The Role of the High Performance Leader Module 2: Dimensions of High Performance Leadership Module 3: The Communicational Tools of the High Performance Leader Module 4: Integrative Reading

Mental Strength in Athletes

Module 1: Mental Strength in Individual Athletes Module 2: Mental Strength in Team Sports Module 3: Emotional Regulation and the Sports Coach Module 4: Integrative Reading

Psychological Keys in Training and Competition for High Performance Sports

Module 1: Permanent Phases of Sports Training and Their Mental Keys Module 2: Variable Phases of Sports Training Module 3: Psychological Keys of Sports Competition Module 4: Integrative Module

Elite Athletic Performance in 3.0 Environments

Module 1: Managing Diversity and Elite Athletic Performance Module 2: 21st Century Educational Paradigms Integrated with Information and Communication Technologies in Support of Elite Athletic Performance Module 3: Technological Equipment for Training and Specific Preparation for Competition Module 4: Integrative Module

What Does It Include?

24-hour access to study material, from anywhere, on any device
Accompaniment, monitoring and virtual support from an expert in the field
Activities and assessments with personalized feedback
Discussion forums and interaction with colleagues from all over the world
Certificate issued by Barça Innovation Hub and endorsed by the corresponding institution.
Self-assessment to measure your learning progress
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