Champions Global and Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas sign exclusive partnership

Champions Global has announced its exclusive partnership with Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas, the technological and educational arm of FC Barcelona. This partnership is the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa.

This partnership adds a value for the global sports in the Arab region, as it will be the exclusive and sole representative of Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas services in the region, which will be provided – for the first time – in the Arabic language through Champions Global. These services include  educational sports programs that will be a source of learning and knowledge of  modern and necessary sports aspects for every athlete, brand owner, club or anyone interested in the sports sector, to reach the international and professional level. These programs are provided 100% online and accredited by Barça Innovation Hub-Universitas

In this partnership, Champions Global seeks to be a pioneer in sports development in the Middle East and North Africa, and aims to provide creative solutions and innovations to every athlete in the region to achieve his goal, in addition to instilling sports ethics and encouraging sportsmanship.

The Chairman of Champions Global expressed his belief in the value this partnership will bring to the Arab sports world:

“We are pleased to be the exclusive partner in the region for the Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas. This will enable us to transmit many international sports experiences and programs for the first time in Arabic. We will continue our efforts to get more valued partnerships in sports, and we will continue to innovate in the sports aspects in the Arab world until we simulate the global sports.”

This exclusive partnership is considered a beacon for sports sciences in the Arab region, as the Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas is the technological arm responsible for exchanging the knowledge issued by FC Barcelona with the outside world.

Champions Global will also provide many other services that will constitute a qualitative leap in the world of sports in the Arab world, as its services will focus in the field of sports technology, organizing major sports events and tournaments, sports consultancy and research, sports content management, and managing and establishing sports academies and clubs. Sports, sports broker service and providing the best training programs.

 It is noteworthy that Champions Global Company is a company specialized in the field of sports, active in the Middle East and North Africa, with the goal of establishing a new stage in the Arab sports world, providing innovative technological solutions for athletes and owners of sports brands, and advancing the level of Middle Eastern sports.

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