Professional Diploma in Strength and Conditioning In Basketball

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10 months

The Professional Diploma in Strength and Conditioning In Basketball is a distinguished diploma aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the physical requirements and adaptation in team sports. and Especially basketball. Participants will learn how to develop their stamina and strength through dedicated exercises and specific training programmes.

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Learn To

  • Analyse how physical demands condition basketball practice
  • Improve sports performance and injury prevention through a deepened understanding of the methodology to use in strength training and muscle power programs
  • Learn to understand force plate assessment results in order to use the data in training or rehabilitation processes management.
  • Designing training sessions in the structured microcycle based on the physical demands of competition to guide the training process towards optimizing performance and preventing injuries in basketball through a new approach.

Aimed To

  • professionals and students in the fields of sports performance and the exercise sciences who have or are looking for a career in basketball.



  • Course 1: Physical demands and injury risks in team sports

  1. Module 1: Physical demands in team sports
  2. Module 2: Application of microtechnology to optimise performance in team sports
  3. Module 3: Application of microtechnology to prevent injuries in team sports
  4. Module 4: Application of inertial systems in different tests in team sports

  • Course 2: Basketball physical demands during competition

  1. Module 1: Basketball physical and tactical demands. From videos to local positioning systems
  2. Module 2: Application of inertial systems to quantify and interpret physical demands in basketball
  3. Module 3: Application of positioning systems (global and local) to quantify and interpret physical demands in basketball
  4. Module 4: Most frequent injuries (types and mechanisms) in basketball and maximum demand scenarios in basketball.

  • Course 3: Basketball training from FC Barcelona’s perspective: theoretical approach

  1. Module 1: Structured training
  2. Module 2: Coadjuvant Training
  3. Module 3: Optimising training
  4. Module 4: Structured Microcycle

  • Course 4: Basketball training proposal from the perspective of FC Barcelona

  1. Module 1: How to train with a comprehensive approach in basketball
  2. Module 2: Proposal for load quantification
  3. Module 3: Scheduling of the training proposal. Focus on preseason
  4. Module 4: How to modify the structures of a human athlete who practices basketball during preferential simulation situations in the structured model.

  • Course 5: Neuromuscular basis for strength training

  1. Module 1: Characteristics of the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Module 2: Muscle action and its relationship to sports
  3. Module 3: Systemic changes in detraining and immobilization
  4. Module 4: Assessment of muscular properties in relation to sport

  • Course 6: Strength training methodology: its application in the improvement of sports performance and post-injury rehabilitation for competition.

  1. Module 1: Contextualization: how can we adapt strength training to team sports?
  2. Module 2: Strength workload methodology in situation sports
  3. Module 3: Integrating strength workload into planning and programming of situation sports.
  4. Module 4: Strength in the design of sports-specific tasks. Examples based on football

  • Course 7: Force assessment and an introduction to kinematics

  1. Module 1: Force platform testing fundamentals
  2. Module 2: CMJ understanding variables and phases
  3. Module 3: Kinematics introduction
  4. Module 4: Upper Limb Assessment

  • Course 8: Injury and rehabilitation kinetics and kinematics

  1. Module 1: Kinetics in ACL injury risk and rehabilitation (Isokinetics)
  2. Module 2: Kinetics in ACL injury and rehabilitation (Jump-land testing)
  3. Module 3: Kinematics in ACL injury risk and rehabilitation
  4. Module 4: Kinetics & kinematics in lower limb muscle and tendon injury and rehabilitation-patella and Achilles tendon, groin, hamstring

  • Course 9: Performance, injury, and rehabilitation assessment toolbox

  1. Module 1: Additional lower limb dynamic tests (squat jump, drop jump, squat, land & hold).
  2. Module 2: Lower Limb Isometric Tests
  3. Module 3: A framework and toolbox for kinetics and kinematics in rehabilitation and Return to Sport
  4. Module 4: A framework and toolbox for short term load-response monitoring and evaluating chronic adaptations

  • Course 10: Diffculty and Environment in Human Motor Function

  1. Module 1: Motor Faults
  2. Module 2: Special Teaching Methods for Correcting Faults
  3. Module 3: Transference and Interference
  4. Module 4: Integrative Reading

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Professional Diploma in Strength and Conditioning In Basketball
Professional Diploma in Strength and Conditioning In Basketball

$1 302.82

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