Professional Diploma in Sports Nutrition

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eight months

The Sports Nutrition Diploma aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to improve athletic performance by paying attention to healthy and appropriate nutrition. During this diploma you will learn the basics of sports nutrition, and the importance of applying healthy nutrition in improving performance and achieving the desired results in the field of sports.

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Learn To

  • Differentiate effective and non-effective or dangerous substances in the formulations of nutritional supplements in order to use them optimally.
  • Utilize your knowledge of sports nutrition, based on the demands and needs of different forms of physical activity.
  • Design safe hydration strategies before, during, and after training and competitions.
  • Create practical applications of the key concepts of body composition and somatype within nutrition and for physical performance.
  • Improve athletes’ behavior through sports nutrition.
  • Implement supplements in daily practice.
  • Minimize the risk of supplement use.
  • Optimize acute recovery and training adaptation with nutrition.
  • Plan nutrition for a season as well as a week.
  • Understand the theoretical basis for nutrition periodization.
  • Apply personalization in team sports nutrition.
  • Apply the latest science around on match day preparation.

Aimed To

  • Health science professionals related to sport.
  • Students and graduates of sports and health programs and jobs
    and fitness.
  • Athletes, relatives of athletes, or anyone associated with sports.



Course 1: Food and Athletic Performance

  • Module 1: Bioenergetics
  • Module 2: Food and Nutrition
  • Module 3: Applied sports nutrition
  • Module 4: Integrative Reading

Course 2: Supplementation and Ergogenic Aids in Sports

  • Module 1: Contextualization: Introductory concepts
  • Module 2: Sports foods
  • Module 3: Ergogenic aids
  • Module 4: Integrative Reading

Course 3: Sports Hydration

  • Module 1: Introductory concepts
  • Module 2: Dehydration, hyperthermia, and performance loss: traditional approach
  • Module 3: Evidence-based hydration: a contemporary approach
  • Module 4: Integrative Reading

Course 4: Body Composition, Somatotype and Athletic Performance

  • Module 1: Body composition
  • Module 2: Body composition, athletic performance and nutrition
  • Module 3: Somatotype
  • Module 4: Integrative Reading

Course 5: Advanced Sports Nutrition

  • Module 1: The history and future of sports nutrition
  • Module 2: What it takes to be effective in sports nutrition
  • Module 3: Supplements versus foods
  • Module 4: Immune system

Course 6: Nutrition, Recovery and Training Adaptations

  • Module 1: Exercise and fatigue
  • Module 2: Recovery and adaptation
  • Module 3: Optimising recovery and adaptation
  • Module 4: Recovery from injury

Course 7: Match Day Preparation and Personalized Nutrition

  • Module 1: Personalized nutrition?
  • Module 2: Preparing for match day
  • Module 3: Extreme conditions.
  • Module 4: Supplements.

Course 8: Periodized Nutrition

  • Module 1: The theory
  • Module 2: Training the gut
  • Module 3: Training low
  • Module 4: From theory to practice

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Professional Diploma in Sports Nutrition
Professional Diploma in Sports Nutrition

$1 042.25

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