Professional Diploma in Football Performance Analyst

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The Football Performance Analyst Diploma is a comprehensive diploma aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively understand and analyze football matches and athletic performance. In this diploma, you will learn how to develop your ability to analyze the structural and dynamic elements of the start-up phase of the game and analyze set-pieces and high pressure in football and sports analytics.

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Learn To

  • Provide the student with vision and knowledge of specific topics in the tactical analysis of football, as well as the appropriate tools for their performance
  • Provide the participant with a global vision regarding the understanding and importance of technology in sport
  • Use analysis to organize and improve knowledge of your team and its performance.
  • Identify the parameters and tactical elements of the start phase of the game, in order to select, organize and transmit the most important information effectively; also through the use of technological tools.

Aimed To

  • performance analysts, and anyone involved in tasks or activities that require an understanding of the game of football in order to make decisions (such as sports journalists, agents, etc.)



  • Course 1: Analysis of the start phase of the game

  1. Module 1: Definition and evolution of the start phase and understanding of the general analysis criteria
  2. Module 2: Study of the structural elements of the start phase
  3. Module 3: Study of the dynamic elements of the start phase
  4. Module 4: Statistical analysis, selection and presentation of information

  • Course 2: Set piece analysis.

  1. Module 1: The importance of SPs and introduction to their analysis
  2. Module 2: Defensive SPs Analysis
  3. Module 3: Offensive SPs Analysis
  4. Module 4: Methodological trends in SP training

  • Course 3: High-press in football

  1. Module 1: High-press in the defensive phase. Theoretical framework
  2. Module 2: Most common defensive structures in high-press in football
  3. Module 3: High-press training methodology in football
  4. Module 4: Data for a good interpretation in the analysis of high-press in football

  • Course 4: Observation methodology in formative football

  1. Module 1: Introduction to video observation
  2. Module 2: Observation in a training session
  3. Module 3: Observation in competition games
  4. Module 4: Individual observation of the player

  • Course 5: Match analysis

  1. Module 1: Pre-match
  2. Module 2: Analysis during a match
  3. Module 3: Post-match analysis
  4. Module 4: Final evaluation

  • Course 6: Analytical implementation and technological processes

  1. Module 1: Analytics department
  2. Module 2: Metric data analysis
  3. Module 3: Audiovisual processes
  4. Module 4: Tagging as a way to analyze matches

  • Course 7: Team analysis (self-analysis)

  1. Module 1: Microplane Analysis
  2. Module 2: Mesoplane Analysis
  3. Module 3: Macroplane Analysis
  4. Module 4: Training analysis

  • Course 8: Rival team analysis

  1. Module 1: Individual rival analysis
  2. Module 2: Collective rival analysis
  3. Module 3: Impact of rival analysis on training
  4. Module 4: Communicating rival analysis to the player during the microcycle

  • Course 9: Sports Analytics – Essential Concepts

  1. Module 1: History and Evolution of Sports Analytics.
  2. Module 2: Learning based on a real problem in sport (ABP) in the phenomenon of Sports Analytics (I)
  3. Module 3: Learning based on a real problem in sport (ABP) in the phenomenon of Sports Analytics (II)
  4. Module 4: Learning based on a real problem in sport (ABP) in the phenomenon of Sports Analytics (III)

  • Course 10: Video analysis

  1. Module 1: Characterization of Video Analysis
  2. Module 2: Control Variables of Video Analysis.
  3. Module 3: Use of the Video Analysis in the programming of the training process
  4. Module 4: Integrative Reading

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Professional Diploma in Football Performance Analyst
Professional Diploma in Football Performance Analyst


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