Tracking Data for all your games


Own team, opponent or scout analysis. Our Automated Tracking Data provides you the normalised xy coordinates of all players and the ball, from any video.

Download the data in FIFA EPTS Format for your own analysis
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The fastest telestration available in the market

Utilise this tracking data to accelerate your telestration, available through out the whole video. Add any type of dynamic graphics in seconds, with just a few clicks.

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Add visualizations on-the-go

Add any visualization while presenting to the players. The major benefit of having integrated player and field tracking on the video is that all visualizations will be available anytime and a few clicks away.

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Advanced visual analytics a few clicks away

Put data analysis in front of your players. Display width and length of the team, visualize team structure on a 2D pitch...

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Overlay surfaces on your own videos


Overlay Metrica Sports’ pitch control model or import your own models and overlay them on your own video,

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Create your own patterns to visualize


Automate your video analysis workflow and get to meaningful clips in one click.

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Stop watching the whole game

Design your own algorithms and automatize the detection, classification and visualizations. Let the data get you to your important moments instantly.

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Collect situations that can’t be detected by eye

Let our technology detect moments that would take you long to spot, or even situations that can’t be detected by eye. Download a csv summary of your patterns for your own analysis.

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Automate and get everything the next morning

Our REST API allows you to connect directly with our Cloud Engine to achieve faster, more efficient and automated workflows.

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Bridge the gap between your data and video analysis staff


Should your team have access to tracking data from a third party, our Elite Plan offers a unique functionality in the market that allows you to integrate any tracking data provider with ANY video, and therefore unlocking unique features.

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Combine the data you get with the video you want

Automatize visualizations on your own video with the names of the players added automatically, and also defensive, midfield and strikers lines one click away. See how

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Metrica Sports


Create meaningful physical reports of the game, displaying only the information you want. No more, no less.

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Include statistics by player, by team, calculate distance run at any speed range, with and without possession, etc.

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Create your own templates once, let Play by Metrica Sports process your tracking data and download and Excel sheet.


Organize games, events and clips in one place

Gather all your games and events in Play. Convert them into playlists and clips to build presentations.

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Get metrics on your youth player’s evolution

Analyse the progression of your academy players under a set of rules defining your club’s philosophy. Compare their performance with the first team players, and your next big star, areas of improvement, etc.

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Online video management within the Cloud Engine


Easily upload/download your videos from anywhere, anytime, using Cloud. Any member of the staff can access information instantly.

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Share playlists between staff and collaborate


Work collaboratively within your department, share playlists easily with all the clips and all the annotations you have created.

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