Fantastic educational prices and cloud sharing functionality

Provide every student with their own personal license or have multiple licenses centrally in the classroom that are accessible for all. Use our cloud sharing technology to make video available to all students in your network.

Perform the whole video analysis process in one software

A complete solution from coding the game to player sharing, we have the most complete and fitted solution for everyone.

Full game on-video
visualization on your
preferred video recording

Overlay dynamic and static visualizations onto your videos to communicate easily with players and staff.

Student prices that
cannot be beaten

You can create and share your playlists with the entire coaching staff. You can build collaborative presentations or send your presentations directly to the coach for review.

"Our students have access to a complete solution for coding and analyzing games, through editing videos and creating visualizations all in a single software with the ability to seamlessly integrate with a number of different platforms."
Mark Connor
Lecturer BSc Sport Performance Analysis - University of Suffolk
"Play has had a huge impact on my own development as a coach. It has helped me to efficiently and objectively analyze our way of playing, with the ability to visualize and present this in an engaging way to the team."
Erwin van Bennekom
Head Women’s Soccer Coach - Indiana University
"Metrica Sports is the most in demand technology in the world of elite sport. It is exciting to bring the latest developments to our students in the hope we can offer an experience which mirrors that of elite organizations around the world."
Patrick Oxenham
Course Leader - St Mary's University

Provide the same tools that are used by the biggest teams in the world

Exclusively made for the best teams, available to anyone.

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* Available for Mac OS & Windows