Limitless data driven tactical analysis

Detect relevant patterns automatically on the game and convert them into clips with telestrations to power your video analysis and communicate better in just a few clicks. High accuracy and perfectly synced tracking and event data, third party integrations, open-source libraries for tactical and video analysis, telestration API on our video analysis software and more.

High quality tracking data

You don’t have a data provider? Metrica Sports will deliver high quality tracking data. This accuracy is ensured by our in-house quality assurance team at our HQ in Amsterdam.

Post-game event data that is underpinned by our positional tracking data ensuring a high level of identification and positional accuracy. Combined, this makes it the best event data available in the market.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to the service of sports

Our technology interprets all data from any type of video (broadcast, scouting feed, tactical camera, drone, etc).


Great for types of data analysis where you don’t need to know identities. Getting the coordinates of goalkeepers and the 10 field players of each team allows you to analyze different aspects of the game (team compactness, packing metrics, tactical lines, pitch control computation).

Full game on-video
visualization on your
preferred video recording

Overlay dynamic and static visualizations onto your videos to communicate easily with players and staff. Get the data and the software to visualize every sprint.

Detect specific patterns in games

Algorithms designed to give you the answers you want to know. Automate the process of finding every time there was an overload opportunity on the opposition fullback. These patterns can be as simple or complex as you like.

Create your own patterns

Take advantage of the open-source python packages we help maintain. Use Kloppy to parse and load data, or Codeball to do tactical analysis of your games and programmatically create telestrated events in Play.

Integrate your existing data in Play

Import tracking data from other providers

Try it yourself!

* Available for Mac OS & Windows