Who are we

Champions Global is the most recent arm for Champions Group, started in the year of 2020 to achieve the Champions group’s strategic vision of bringing creative solutions and innovations to every athlete in the MENA region. Champions Group was launched in 2015, to establish a modern path in the Arab sports culture. Starting with Champions Sports Academies with the aim to inspire the new generation of athletes, delivering the best and latest international methodologies. On the same path, we launched Champions Family Club that unites families through the culture of sports and promoting it to be an exceptional lifestyle. In addition, we will soon be launching our digital platform Champions TV, which will be our digital media network to reach the international media outlets.


Bringing creative solutions and innovations to every athlete in the MENA region to be a “champion”. Champions aims at establishing and leading the network of athletes with creative and innovative sports’ solutions, as well as bridge their inner champion’s communities’ path with international leaders’ standards. All through inspiring and accelerating athletes’ achievements employing the power of sports to achieve peace and high standard values.


To be the industry’s leading sports company in the MENA region fueled by Champions’ brand that inspires athletic achievements.






Team Spirit

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Sports Ethics


Rajab Alsarraj
Rajab Al-Sarraj

Chairman and founder

محمود شرف
Mahmoud Sharaf

Vice Chairman and Founder

Hana Aljamal
Hana Al-Jamal

Co-Founder and CEO