Training Programs

Online certified international training programs from prestigious brands. Our programs cover all knowledge areas of the sports sector which are: Medical services and nutrition in sports, Sport performance, Team sports, Sports Technology, Sports Marketing and Sports Social Sciences. Our programs are 100% online based and are in two languages: English and Arabic.


Sports Technology

To provide a significant experience to athletes through offering smart and innovative solutions that will elevate sports. We work on enhancing the quality of sports analysis and the overview of the game. This will help improve screening and monitoring of the game, as well as rehabilitating and training athletes to revolutionize the sports technology in the MENA region.


Sport Agent

We will be responsible for managing business and legal matters for athletes, coaches, and clubs. Representing them in sports deals and negotiations, as well managing marketing and promotion activities on their behalf. Employing prestigious and international systems tailored to fit our clients’ financial agreements and logistical concerns.


Sports Events Management

We have a specialized team to manage, organize, and market sports tournaments and events. Through providing on-site hospitality, logistics, HR, and full-service event management with the highest quality and in accordance with professional and international standards.


Sports Research And Consulting

We help you in utilizing a concrete factual base to conduct your studies and help you in the decision-making process. Our job is to assist you in analyzing statistics, designing surveys, and locating specialized data. Together we can enhance sports and create an improved athletic ecosystem for the new generations and improve the performance of sports entities.


Sports Content Management

To produce and direct professional athletic content on all social media platforms to sports entities and professional athletes. Our job is to manage, edit, arrange, and optimize your content, as well as edit the pre-existing content. We market your content through employing professional international techniques by our multimedia team to produce a high-end written and visual content.


Establishment And Management Of Sports Academies

With an experience of establishing and managing nine sports academies with 1,500 athletes that provide the best international and up-to-date curriculums to help amateurs to become professional athletes. We establish and manage sports academies by following professional work standards, and a process of administrative and financial procedures depending on the size of the entity. All our services are tailored to fit your vision for you to have a successful investment.


Management And Establishment Of Sports Family Clubs.

With professional experience in managing and establishing a sports club with 4,000 members on 24,000 square meters of space that focus on spreading the culture of sports among families. We believe that sports mean connecting communities, to create a healthier and more active environment among communities. We get you the professional help that you need to connect your communities.

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