Data Driven Video Analysis

Empowering the Football
Analytics Community

Empowering the football
analytics community

For football analytics to really thrive, we need to empower the community to innovate. One of the main reasons why the community is being held back and not thriving as much as it has potential for, is because for far too long high quality tracking and event data has been locked inside companies and clubs.

We have one of the smartest and most engaged communities of scientists, engineers and researchers, but they are constrained by the lack of available data.. This project wants to solve this.

Bridging the gap

There are many efforts (including ours) in the community and space that focus on improving the application of data analytics in the workflow of coaches and analysts.

However very little effort is put into making those solutions available to everyone. The number of clubs and organizations that truly take advantage of analytics is still a small percentage of the global football community.


This project is a fundamental part of our larger mission: to provide top quality performance analysis solutions, at all levels of the game.


Video Analysis


Sample game
made public

We wan’t to provide the football analytics community with videos, tracking and event data.

We have a sample dataset for a game available so that you can try this out yourself with a test game!

In order to access it, follow these steps:

  1. Register.
  2. Follow the instructions in this tutorial, use the key SAMPLEGAME3 to add the Video Project to your database.
  3. Go here to download the tracking and event data of that game.


Create your own patterns with visualizations

Data driven video analysis (DDVA) allows you to do coding and telestrating of a game programmatically. You can detect relevant moments of the game, create an event each time one of them happens and even telestrate/annotate them, everything by just running a script/analysis over the data of your game.

While DDVA does not replace traditional video analysis, it is a great way for data analysis departments to transfer their findings from a table to the video. You can thus meet the coaches and video analysis staff right where they usually do their work!

Play by Metrica Sports is the only platform that allows you to do this.

Try it yourself!

* Available for Mac OS & Windows