Frequently Asked Question


If a certain course was not available in the language that you desire, we will translate it upon request. You can contact us to submit a request either through our chat, our email, or our social media accounts.

There are English and Arabic training online programs.

BIHUB Training Programs

The duration depends on the type of training program you choose. Courses are one month long. Programs, between 2 and 3 months long. Certificates, 4 months long. Specialized Programs, 5 months long. Advanced Programs, between 6 and 7 months long. Professional Diplomas, between 8 and 9 months long. For more information, go to the courses list and consult the training program page of your interest.

The start dates of the courses and certifications depend on the program you choose. For more information, visit the catalog for the program of your choice to know the start date.

You can study using the Barça Universität virtual educational platform with the following Internet browsers:

Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher)

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



Running on operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Tablet with iOS 4.2 (or higher), Tablet with Android 2.2 (or higher).

You can contact us through the chat popup, located in the lower left-hand corner of the website, or our email or through our social media pages.

Available programs are 100% online and given through BIHUB virtual learning platform, where you can find all the content of your program. This includes readings, recorded classes, self- assessments, forums, and various resources. The classes and all content are available 24 hours a day, so you can log in when it is most convenient for you. Throughout the course you will have online support, monitoring, and accompaniment of an expert specialized in the program's subject, who will help you to understand the course.

Barça Innovation Hub

Barça Innovation Hub is the entity responsible for sharing knowledge generated by FC Barcelona with outside parties. Its mission is to be the international center for R&D, generate and transmit knowledge, and innovate the training and sports sector in collaboration with the best brands. The key knowledge areas include medical services, performance, technology, team sports, and social sciences.

Upon completion, participants will be able to receive certificates that are issued by Barça Innovation Hub - Universität.