Innovation in Sports


2 months
6/8 weekly hours


The world of sports is changing rapidly. Aspiring entrepreneurs have an opportunity to come up with new products and services that can revolutionize the experiences of fans, athletes, coaches and other participants in the sports ecosystem. Managers of sports institutions have an opportunity to solve their daily problems of running a sports club or winning competitions by using new technologies. Moreover, if they do not innovate, they run a risk of falling behind.

In short – innovation – the process of coming up with new revolutionary products, services and solutions is entering the world of sports and becoming an essential part of doing business. Yet, the day-to-day approach to doing business in sports doesn’t allow for innovations to flourish. Both the sports entrepreneurs and sports managers need an adequate approach to come up with innovations. The purpose of this course is to learn how to develop new sports products and services, processes and ways of doing business or business models. To do so, we’ll use the most relevant techniques and frameworks from the world of innovation, such as design thinking, business model canvas or portfolio approach. These approaches have been effectively used by innovators in companies such as Apple, Google, P&G, GE, HP, but also at less innovative companies, small companies, NGOs and also in sports.

Learn to

* التعرف على فرص الابتكار وتوليد الأفكار لاغتنامها* استخدم التجريب وعملية التجربة والخطأ للتعامل مع عدم اليقين المصاحب لعملية الابتكار* إدارة فرق الابتكار ومشاريع الابتكار ، والتعاون مع العناصر الداخلية والخارجية* حدد مشاريع الابتكار المناسبة ، وخصص الموارد ، وخلق ثقافة الابتكار

Course Syllabus