Certificate in Workload Management in Football

Certificate in Workload Management in Football


Certificate in Workload Management in Football
English, العربية
4 months
6/8 weekly hours


In the sports environment, the proliferation of new technologies has given rise to more efficient, accessible and unlimited ways to learn, analyze and train. These advances, added to a greater involvement from sports sciences, have allowed, among other things, for the control of the training workload to be more specific and rigorous. This forces professionals and athletes to train in a continuous manner and to incorporate said tools to improve and push their results further.

The Certificate in Workload Management in Football is an introductory and comprehensive program intended for people affiliated with sports science, looking to improve sporting performance for themselves or the athletes they work with. You will learn about the most up to date means for training and competition load control, assessing its applicability to diverse situations. You will also be able to recognize the importance of assessing both internal and external training loads, as well as the different technological means required to do so.

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* إدارة الأدوات والمتغيرات المختلفة لمراقبة التدريب.* حدد المتغيرات المناسبة بناءً على الأهداف المختلفة للتدريب والتحكم في حمل المنافسة.* استخدم البيانات التي تم إنشاؤها بواسطة التحكم في الحمل لتقييم العملية وإدارتها.* اكتشف واستخدم بشكل مناسب مؤشرات حمل التدريب الأكثر صلة.

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