Certificate in Team Sports Physician Essential Concepts

You will learn strategies for preventing and recovering from injuries, as well as the different injury mechanisms in team sport

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4 months

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Expert Advisors

Gil Rodas Font
Gil Rodas Font

Medical Doctor and Surgeon. Specialist in Physical Education and Sports Medicine. Head of the Barça Innovation Hub Medical Service area.

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Learn To

  • Handle and manage data from evaluations and monitoring of performance and team injuries, compared to data from science and training.
  • Get to know the fundamental characteristics for both prevention strategies and injury rehabilitation, as well as the different injury mechanisms in team sports.
  • Handle pathologies and specific injuries corresponding to each sport.
  • Master complementary topics inherent to sports medicine.

Course Syllabus

MODULE 1: Role of the team sports physician

MODULE 2: Data management and methodology

MODULE 3: Sports injuries in other populations

MODULE 4: Monitoring workload

MODULE 1: Management of medical pathology 1

MODULE 2: Management of medical pathology 2

MODULE 3: Sports Specific pathologies

MODULE 4: Special sports and competitions

MODULE 1: Prevention of and readaptation from injuries

MODULE 2: Muscle injury and tendinitis management

MODULE 3: Management of joint and bone injury

MODULE 4: Decision making and returning to competition

MODULE 1: Diagnostics imaging: Ultrasound as the team sports physician´s basic tool

MODULE 2: Nutrition and ergogenic aids

MODULE 3: The fight against doping

MODULE 4: Communication, leadership and group management