Certificate in Neurobiology and Sports Performance

We provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to develop athletes with greater motor awareness and better decision-making abilities.

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4 months

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Francesc Cos
Francesc Cos

Director of Performance of the New York City (MLS).

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Learn To

  • Identify the areas that participate in sensorimotor perception as well as how they influence it.
  • Determine how the central nervous system influences human movement as well as how we can shape the ability to make decisions for movement.
  • Identify the areas involved in the control and adjustment of movements, as well as how they are involved.
  • Identify motor failures and determine how to prevent and correct them.

Course Syllabus

MODULE 1: Motor Faults

MODULE 2: Special Teaching Methods for Correcting Faults

MODULE 3: Transference and Interference

MODULE 4: Integrative Reading

MODULE 1: The Logic of Motor Functions and Decision-Making

MODULE 2: Decision Training

MODULE 3: Neuromotor Programming

MODULE 4: Integrative Reading

MODULE 1: Sensory Systems

MODULE 2: Motor Perception and Observation

MODULE 3: Ideomotor Representation

MODULE 4: Integrative Reading

MODULE 1: Motor Cortex and Cortical Spinal Tract

MODULE 2: Role of the Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia

MODULE 3: Feedback and Motor Adjustment

MODULE 4: Integrative Reading