Certificate in Advanced Sport Sponsorship and Marketing: using sponsorships to accelerate business growth


4 months
6/8 weekly hours


Sponsorships have become one of the most common tools to connect brands with their consumers and customers and accelerate business growth. Today they are widely used in all sectors of the economy, from brands to B2B brands, from established century-old organizations to startups and in all countries around the world.

When properly used, they can be one of the most effective tools to drive growth for all sorts of companies. However, despite its pervasiveness, sponsorships are still vastly underutilized even by the largest and most competent sponsors. It is not unusual that expensive contracts are signed without a clear understanding of the business needs, proper evaluation of the alternatives available in the market and the definition of the rights necessary to create meaningful work. Brands also frequently miss an opportunity to learn from their investments by not fully evaluating conducting after action reviews and ROI assessments.

This certificate will cover all the areas above with simple and clear guidelines for extracting maximum value of any sponsorship. Professionals working for sponsors, rightsholders and agencies will learn what they need to do to buy better, be more effective in selling and managing sponsorship programs.

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* افهم كيف يستهلك المشجعون الرياضة والرعاية.* زد من معرفتك بطلبات الرعاية في مجال التسويق.* التفريق بين طلبات الرعاية خارج نطاق التسويق.* القدرة على فهم كيفية تقييم الرعاية.

Course Syllabus