Certificate in Advanced Football Tactical Analysis



4 months
6/8 weekly hours


The continuous progress in the development and evolution of tactical analysis in football makes study and training in this field of work permanent. The work proposals are increasingly broad for analysts, which allows them to take work roles in specific topics of analysis. For this reason, in this programme we will delve into four specific topics in which an analyst can specialise and thus perform a professional job in a specific scope.

The course on Goal kick and build up of a play analysis has the general objective of training the student in the specific evaluation of this game phase, which, especially in the last decade, has undergone a deep evolution.

In the context of maximum equality in which football finds itself, Set Pieces (SP) emerge as a very valuable opportunity to score a goal. Thus, between 30 and 35% of goals are preceded by an SP. It is for this reason that we consider the deep analysis of this type of actions of vital importance in order to be able to optimise them to the maximum and, in this way, to gain competitive advantage over our rival.

In the High-Press in Football course, students will study the theoretical and practical contents by means of analysing the most common high-press situations in a football game, offering them the most specific and relevant information that will help them to better understand this phase of the game, both to find tactical solutions during games and to set tasks for their application and improvement in training.

Lastly, the course on Observation Methodology in Formative Football is aimed at those people who develop the role of Tactical Game Analyst in a football team. During the course, an attempt will be made to address the observation methodology performed at FC Barcelona focused on Formative Football categories.

Learn to

* تنفيذ الأدوات والأساليب والاستراتيجيات فيما يتعلق بالتحليل التكتيكي في كرة القدم ، ومنح المهارات المحددة لتلبية الطلب على الأدوار المحددة من قبل الأندية المحترفة.* تحديد المعلمات والعناصر التكتيكية لمرحلة بدء اللعبة ، من أجل تحديد وتنظيم ونقل المعلومات الأكثر أهمية بشكل فعال ؛ أيضا من خلال استخدام الأدوات التكنولوجية.* افهم أهمية النقاط الخاصة في كرة القدم الحالية ، وقبل كل شيء ، احصل على الموارد والمعايير لتطوير تحليل هذا النوع من الإجراءات.* قم بتطبيق المحتوى النظري والعملي الأكثر صلة بتحليل مرحلة الضغط العالي في كرة القدم ، والذي سيسمح لك بتحديد المواقف المختلفة للضغط العالي والتعرف عليها ، بالإضافة إلى تحديد المهام لتدريبهم.* تعرف على منهجية مراقبة جديدة تركز على كرة القدم التكوينية بناءً على فريقك ، من الدورات التدريبية إلى الألعاب.

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