Barça Coach Academy: Introductory level

The Methodological Proposal Used Within Fc Barcelona, Which Is Based On The Theoretical Models That Enhanced Understanding The Dynamics Of Team Sports.

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English & Arabic

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3 Months

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6/8 weekly hours



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Expert Advisors

Paco Seirul·lo Vargas
Paco Seirul·lo Vargas

Methodology Department Director at FC Barcelona.

Isaac Guerrero
Isaac Guerrero

Deputy Director of the Methodology Area of FC Barcelona.

Denis Silva
Denis Silva

Member of Barça Academy. Former Coach of FC Barcelona’s U19A.

Xavier Damunt
Xavier Damunt

Responsible for the Technical Development and Methodological Innovation of the Methodology Area of FC Barcelona.

Marcel Sans
Marcel Sans

Assistant Coach of FC Barcelona’s U19B.

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Learn To

  • Understand the different theoretical movements which underline the new training paradigms.
  • Create action plans based on an understanding of player complexity.
  • Optimize the choice of different methodologies which can be applied to the training process, focusing on the formative process of players.
  • Design strategies that favor a collective training process with regard to our game, focusing on player development.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Optimizing training

Module 2: Cognitive elements of the player

Module 3: Group elements of the team

Module 4: The phases of play

Module 1: Train-optimize

Module 2: The training session

Module 3: Training specific to Barça Football I

Module 4: Training specific to Barça Football II

Module 1: The science behind Barça Football

Module 2: The elements involved

Module 3: The defining concepts of Barça Football

Module 4: The game as a process